How to Claim the Arizona State Property Tax Refund Credit (ASPTRC) for Senior Renters

See for Yourself Why April 15th is a Goldmine Date for Seniors
65+ Years of Age Who Live and Pay Rent in Arizona!!

To My Fellow Seniors 65+ Who Live and Pay Rent in ARIZONA. . . 

  • DID YOU KNOW that under a signed rental lease contract agreement in Arizona seniors are required to pay property taxes to the state each time you pay your rent?  (This is a requirement in most major cities except Flagstaff and Tucson).
  • My own property tax refunds from Arizona State are over $3,200.  Do I think it's worth my time to file each year even though I'm not filing to report earned income?  Absolutely!
  • Seniors, how much will you RECOVER when you DISCOVER that Arizona State OWES YOU a property tax refund credit on the twelve months rent payments you made throughout 2021?
  • What I do is show Arizona seniors step-by-step how to recover the (often) hidden property taxes YOU are paying to a rental property you live in but don't own by putting that money right back in your pocket each and every year you live at your rental residence or your mobile home lot, just like I do.

Carletta Lino

"It gives me great pleasure to show fellow seniors age 65+ who live and pay rent in Arizona HOW to go about getting a tax refund from Arizona State YOU didn’t even know was owed to YOU!"  I am going to take you on a journey to the Treasurer's Office.

Who am I?  I am Carletta Lino, creator of

"It delights me to report to YOU – to date – I have received a whopping $3,244 in tax refund money from Arizona State just for paying my rent each month!"  WHY?  Because I want to help YOU to put more money in YOUR pocket too!!  How much money will YOU get?  Let’s find out together here. 

But FIRST…Arizona Seniors, get back the property taxes you've paid on your monthly rent payments throughout 2021 by learning

with the help of my eBook.  Again I ask, WHY? …so YOU can put more money in YOUR pocket too just like me.  You just have to know how to go about filing correctly to get the Treasurer's Office to open its vault to YOU.

SECOND, I invite YOU to see the indisputable proof inside my eBook.

FINALLY, this GOLDMINE date for seniors – April 15th – comes around ONLY once per year!

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Introducing my eBook . . . 

How to Claim the Arizona State Property Tax Refund Credit (ASPTRC) for Senior Renters

How to Claim the Arizona State Property Tax Refund Credit by Carletta Lino

Carletta Lino

Original eBook Publication by

Prepared Exclusively for Low-Income Seniors 65+ Who Live and Pay Rent in Arizona 

by Carletta Lino

ONLY $19.99


Improve your finances now, by claiming your property tax refund!  Discover the two important Arizona State tax return forms you need, how to locate them, and their specific filing instructions.

My eBook will help you to do just that.  Follow my concise, step-by-step instructions to make your claim and get your property tax credit.  It's YOUR money and Arizona State OWES it to YOU so file and claim YOUR money!!

It doesn't matter if the rental property you pay monthly rent to live in as your main home is a(n):

    a.  private home, condo, or co-op

    b.  apartment unit in an apartment complex

    c.  mobile home the senior owns but rents the lot space it sits on

    d.  nursing home

    e.  assisted living facility

It's a fact:  with every new tax season low-income seniors who are 65+ years of age who live and pay rent in Arizona and who pay taxes on a rental property they live in but don't own are entitled to file for a qualifying refund.  However, you cannot collect this money automatically. YOU MUST FILE AND CLAIM IT; otherwise, your opportunity to receive the refund you are legally entitled, will expire!

The only housing exemption for eligibility for qualifying for a refund are those seniors who live in a rental property that is classified as public housing (tenant-based Section 8), subsidized housing or tax-exempt or tax-credit properties.  (See Important Note below). Some seniors live in this type of housing but not all.

As a senior, I myself have stood in the shoes of many seniors and I know firsthand that for many seniors, filing tax return claim forms beyond retirement age just DOES NOT come easy. Make no mistake, these are not the same forms you are accustomed to using for reporting earned income!  I learned how to do it the hard way, by trial and error, but you don't have to, because I have done all the hard work for you, and I'm sharing it with you now on my website and in my eBook. 

Important Note:  Arizona senior residents living in subsidized rental housing, Section 8 housing, and tax- exempt or tax-credit properties are not eligible for the Arizona State Property Tax Refund Credit (ASPTRC), nor is the credit designated for property owners who rent out their properties!

Now my refunds from the Arizona Department of Revenue just keep on coming like clockwork each and every year that I qualify to file.  This can also be true for YOU too, my fellow senior!  

If you can say YES to the following points, you may be eligible to receive a rental property tax credit, and my eBook will be able to help you to follow the correct steps to file and claim it: 

  1. I am a senior 65+ years of age; or, I am a disabled SSI recipient.
  2. My landlord, property manager, owner or leasing agent charges me tax on my monthly rent payments.  (If you don't know, be sure to ask them for the tax amount you are paying that the state allows them to add onto your rent payments each month).
  3. I’ve lived at my rental residence for the complete calendar year, from Jan. 1 – Dec. 31, 2021.
  4. I am the responsible person for the lease and payment of the monthly rent.  
  5. My non-Social Security total income does not exceed $3,751 for a 1 person household; or, $5,501 for a 2 or more person household.  (Note:  Your Social Security income DOES NOT COUNT towards household income!)

in Point 5 above, the state put an income CAP on how much total income it allows.  (Please note that total household income refers to income on an annual basis).

If you answered YES to ALL of the above 5 points, you are ready to proceed with the purchase of my eBook to receive the specific instructions you need to file and claim the Arizona State Property Tax Refund Credit (ASPTRC) on your rent payments throughout 2021 and in any future year you may qualify.

Your eligibility, once determined, entitles you to the property tax refund from Arizona State.  So file and claim it!  Don’t be shy, move forward.  

My short eBook will help you do exactly that with its step-by-step instructions for finding the correct tax forms you need, filling them in and filing them.

For only $19.99 you can easily learn how to file for a refund which could be in the hundreds of dollars each year.  Once you've read my simple eBook and done the process just once, you'll be able to file every year going forward with no problems.  But you must hurry!  Why?  Because the April 15th filing deadline comes around fast every year.  Click on Buy Now below to get started!

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