How to Claim the Arizona State Property Tax Refund Credit (ASPTRC) for Senior Renters

Seniors 65+ Who Live and Pay Rent in Arizona. . . . 

  • DID YOU KNOW you are required to pay property taxes to the state every time you pay your rent?  (This is a requirement in most cities).
  • Discover how to RECOVER the hidden property taxes you are unknowingly paying to a rental property you live in but don’t own!   I have recovered the amount of $1,684 to date.
  • How much will you recover when you DISCOVER that Arizona State OWES YOU a property tax refund credit on rent payments you made throughout the year?
  • I show you step-by-step how to file two simple forms to put that money right back in your pocket each and every year you live at your residence.

Introducing my eBook . . . 

“How to Claim the Arizona State Property Tax Refund Credit (ASPTRC) for Senior Renters”

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Prepared Exclusively for  Seniors 65+ Who Live and Pay Rent in Arizona 

by Carletta Lino

ONLY $19.99


Improve your finances now, by claiming your property tax refund!  Discover the two important Arizona State tax return forms you need, how to locate them, and their specific filing instructions.

My eBook will help you to do just that.  Follow my concise, step-by-step instructions to make your claim and get your property tax credit.  

I myself have stood in the shoes of many seniors and I know firsthand that for many, filing tax claim forms beyond retirement age just DOES NOT come easy. Make no mistake, these are not the same forms you are accustomed to using for reporting earned income!  I learned how to do it the hard way, by trial and error, but you don't have to, because I have done all the hard work for you, and I'm sharing it with you now in my eBook. 

Important Note:  Senior residents living in subsidized rental housing, Section 8 housing, and tax exempt properties are not eligible for the Arizona State Property Tax Refund Credit (ASPTRC) neither is the credit designated for property owners who rent out their properties!

Now my refunds from the State of Arizona Department of Revenue just keep on coming each and every year that I qualify to file.  This can also be true for you, my fellow senior.  

If you can say YES to the following points, you may be eligible to receive a rental property tax credit, and my eBook will be able to help you: 

  1. I am a senior 65+ years of age; or, I am a disabled SSI recipient.
  2. My landlord or property manager charges me tax on my monthly rent payments. 
  3. I’ve lived at my rental residence for the complete calendar year from Jan. 1 – Dec. 31, 2018.
  4. I am the responsible person for the lease and payment of the monthly rent.  
  5. My non-Social Security income does not exceed $3,751 for a 1 person household or $5,501 for a 2 or more person household.  (Note:  Your Social Security income DOES NOT count towards household income).

If you answered YES to all of the above 5 questions, you are ready to proceed with the purchase of my eBook to receive the specific instructions you need to file and claim the Arizona State Property Tax Refund Credit (ASPTRC) on your rent payments for the current tax year and any future year you may qualify.

Your eligibility, once determined, entitles you to the property tax refund from Arizona State.  So file and claim it!  Don’t be shy, move forward.  

My short eBook will help you do exactly that with its step-by-step instructions for finding the tax forms you need, filling them in and filing them.  

For only $19.99 you can easily learn to file for a refund which could be in the hundreds of dollars each year.  Once you've read my simple eBook and done the process once, you'll be able to file every year with no problems.  

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