Arizona Property Tax Refunds - Are You Eligible and Don't Know it?

Arizona Property Tax Refunds

Arizona property tax refunds are no longer for property owners only. Property tax is often passed from landlord to tenant, which means that many renters are paying taxes on property that they do not own.  This is often a small percentage of your monthly rental payment, but those small percentages can add up to hundreds of dollars per year.

Would you like to receive a refund for some of that money? If you qualify for the Arizona Property Tax Refund Credit, you can get that money back from the state. All you have to do is follow my guidance to file a basic form asking for your refund. I help you do just that through this website, but I want to cover the basic qualifications for the tax credit right now.

Arizona Property Tax Refund Qualifications

Age Requirements

You have until the end of December to turn 65 if you want to receive a refund of the property taxes that you’re paying in 2018. This is a senior tax relief program that is limited to people who are fully in the retirement age range.

Housing Requirements

The first thing you need to check is your rental lease. You want to determine that you do in fact live in a property that is assessed property tax from the state. If your landlord isn’t hit with a property tax bill, then you’re not likely paying that tax. If they are, then there’s a good chance that a portion of your monthly rental payment goes to this tax. This is the first qualification for this tax credit.

You also want to think about when you moved into this property and the chances that you will remain in this property until the end of the year. You need to live in this property from the first to last day of the year to qualify for this Property Tax Refund Credit because you only receive the money if you have been paying property tax on your rental home for a full 12 months.

Finally, make sure that your lease lists you as a responsible party for the rent. If you receive Section 8 or other assistance programs, you probably won’t qualify for this tax credit. It’s only available for those who are paying for their own rent either as an individual or a couple. Some households with multiple unmarried adults sharing the rent responsibility may also qualify. Regardless, the refund will be issued to the responsible senior who is the lessee.

Primary Housing Only

This tax credit isn’t applicable to every rental home that you may pay for in 2018. You can use it for your primary home where you rent throughout the year, but you cannot get additional tax credits for other leases that may feature your name.

Income Requirements

If you live alone, your income can go no higher than $3,751 if you are to qualify for this tax credit. This doesn’t include your Social Security benefits, but it may include SSI payments because they are taxable. If you have investments or receive funds from a retirement plan, that will count as income. The program is designed to help low-income seniors, so count your income carefully before you take the time to file for this credit.

If you live with a partner, then your household income can go no higher than $5,501 to maintain your eligibility. This gives you a bit more room to qualify, but you must consider all forms of taxable income for both people.

Arizona Residency

Finally, you must remain a resident of Arizona State for the entire year of 2018. If you move out of the state for even one month, you probably won’t qualify to receive this property tax refund. This is true even if your name remains on your lease but you allow someone else to live in your apartment while you live out of state. There is a difference between living and visiting, so you can go on vacations in other states without worry. Your state of residency is what matters.

Do You Qualify for the Arizona Property Tax Refund Credit?

If you meet all of these qualifications, you could receive $100 or more from the State of Arizona at the end of 2018. The deadline is the same as the income tax filing deadline each year, which occurs around April 15. I will keep you updated on the date for 2018 taxes through this website, and I can also help you find the proper forms and file for your tax credit.

Everything that you need to take advantage of this Arizona property tax credit is right here, and I can’t wait to help you get the money back that you deserve. Take action today to plan for your 2018 Property Tax Refund Credit filing.

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