Arizona Taxes That Are Included in Your Rent

Arizona Taxes That Are Included in Your Rent

Did you know that you might qualify for a credit from your Arizona taxes that are already paid and included in your rent?

Hi, my name is Carletta Lino, and I am a senior who pays monthly rent to live in an apartment complex in the Valley. When I first moved to Arizona from the east coast eight years ago, I was surprised to learn that the state adds a property tax charge onto rental payments. This includes payments made by seniors living on fixed Social Security income, which raises the cost of housing for many seniors who are already trying to stretch each penny as far as possible.

If you’re a renter over the age of 65, you’re probably paying this property tax as part of your monthly rental payment even if you didn’t realize it. If you’re always in need of more money and would appreciate even just five or 10 more dollars in your hand, this website is going to help you file for a return of the property tax payments that the state collects from your rental payments in 2018.

The information presented throughout this website will likely help many seniors moving to Arizona and renting an apartment, but I know that many long-term residents of the state don’t yet know about this strategy for receiving a bit of extra money come tax time. My goal is to help all seniors on fixed Social Security income claim their Arizona State Property Tax Refund Credit for 2018.

My Personal Story with Arizona Taxes

I have filed for this tax credit for four consecutive years and have been rewarded with over sixteen hundred dollars that would have otherwise become a contribution to the Arizona State Treasurer’s Office’s surplus, which is likely where unclaimed tax credits rest.

The amount that you may receive from this tax credit each year depends on a variety of factors, but I will give you a general idea of what you might expect by revealing the breakdown of what I have received in the past four years:

  • 2014 - $460
  • 2015 - $527
  • 2016 - $170
  • 2017 - $527

 I have received $100 in total from increased excise taxes, which adds $25 more to your return each year.

If you were offered $460 today, or even $170, what difference would it make to your life? If you can’t afford to continue leaving this money unclaimed, this website is dedicated to you. I’m going to show you how to find the forms that may allow you to claim hundreds of dollars each year on your tax returns for 2018 and every year to come that you rent.

What Is the Arizona Property Tax Refund Credit?

To some degree, all cities in Arizona except Flagstaff and Tucson impose a local rent tax, which is added to your total monthly rental payment. Each time you write out that rent check, you’re paying this tax. The Arizona Property Tax Refund Credit gives you the right to reclaim that money at tax time. While the tax may seem small each month, it can add up to hundreds of dollars per year.

Think of this tax credit as an opportunity to claim a government refund for the Arizona taxes added to your rental payment each month. By filing a simple form with the state at tax time, you take back that small piece of your income and have the freedom to use it on something more to your advantage.

The deadline to file for the Arizona State Property Tax Refund Credit is the same as the due date for federal and state income tax filings: April 15 of every year. Small grace periods or extensions are often issued, so it’s important to watch this site for updates on the filing dates to claim Arizona taxes paid in 2018.

Do You Qualify for the Property Tax Refund Credit?

You may qualify for this tax refund credit on Arizona taxes if you’re at least 65 years old and rent an apartment unit that adds the property tax charge to your monthly rental payments. There are some additional qualifications that you must meet, and we’ll discuss that in depth within this website.

I want to stress upfront that you will not qualify for the Arizona State Property Tax Refund Credit if you receive any of the following:

  • Section 8
  • Subsidies for housing
  • Low-income rental housing

If you receive any type of government assistance for housing, you likely won’t qualify. I don’t make those rules and wish this wasn’t the case, but it’s an unfortunate fact. You can also only receive the refund for your primary residence, so filing on multiple rental homes won’t work.

How Can You Get Credit for Property Tax Paid in 2018?

You cannot file for the Arizona Property Tax Refund Credit without a little help from someone who has successfully filed for the credit in the past. You need to find the right forms and fully understand your qualifications and how to complete your filing. This website was designed to give you all of that information in one convenient place.

I encourage you to read through this website with care. Take notes along the way or ask a loved one to help you follow the process that I’m going to explain. It’s time to take back a little piece of your income paid out to Arizona taxes in 2018. 

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